Why Do Most New Real Estate Agents Fail


Why Do Most New Real Estate Agents Fail

Visitors coming on your real estate website, will decide in first few seconds whether to stay & keep browsing or go back.. So, user interface is the key. Your website must be easy to use & visitors must found what they need directly or without much digging inside.. You can have quick links, cross links, listing showcase, mortgage calcultor, Home valuation form link etc., depeding on visitor priorities & what you are selling.

Other than this, call to action buttons so they can easily contact you without browsing multiple pages to get contact information. If you using slider on the top, then it must be overview your past success stories, incase you are new, it should hold your personality, so they feel for you as one they must contact.

Choosing appropriate IDX service is another thing you can be messup with. You can go through our other posts in future, where we will provide a brief review about different IDX services available in market & which will serve your purpose.

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